Meet 2Pac

Friday 6 January, 2012

2Pac the Magnificent Cat

My 17 year old Sugar Baby, 2Pac

2Pac is my magnificent sugar baby. He was diagnosed with feline diabetes mellitus at the tender age of 13. He is now 17 years old and going strong. He is my baby love and my inspiration for creating this site. Without 2Pac, none of this would be possible. I hope that you benefit as much from the wonderful information on this site as much as I have in creating it for you. I saw a need for current, organised and useful information and tools for owners of cats with diabetes. We are special Mummies and Daddies indeed. I found it difficult to find everything I needed in one easy location. Now, with Cats and Diabetes, I am bringing to you informative articles and information, valuable tools and videos, an extensive glossary, and many wonderful products that I’ve sourced from all over the world, brought together into this one little but very cute website. If it wasn’t for 2Pac, I couldn’t have done all of this. I do this in his honor. He is a brave little boy, as I had to be a brave Mum.

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