Dealing with Cat UTIs and Post-traumatic-vet-visit Syndrome

Thursday 1 March, 2012

Well I’ve recently returned from a short holiday while 2Pac was staying in a cattery within a vet surgery. He was none too pleased with me, I can assure you of that! I felt so mean leaving him there, but it was only for three days, well, two and a half actually. He must have thought it was for a year or two. He was not a very happy boy when I brought him home, and after a couple of days I noticed that he was peeing outside his litter box and all over the laundry floor. I knew this to be a sign of feline urinary tract infection (UTI), so I collected a direct-stream sample in a sterile cup and took it to the vet for testing. I prefer to do this as it means that he doesn’t experience high stress levels from being at the vet, because high stress levels cause blood glucose to increase.

The test came back negative. I was puzzled, but accepted the diagnosis. I came home, mopped the laundry floor again (now reaching about four times a day). A few days later I noticed blood on the floor and pee now on the coffee table. Cats with UTIs frequently urinate inappropriately, and he was starting to exhibit much less attractive levels of inappropriateness! By this time it was seven days since the negative test result. I collected another sample and took it to the vet. The diagnosis was extreeeemely positive for UTI. We gave him some

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