Visiting Emelie

Sunday 8 April, 2012

Visiting EmilieI went interstate a couple of weeks ago and 2Pac went to stay with some friends of mine, Tony, Loren, Emelie and Marty. Emelie is nine years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was only five. Emelie was really looking forward to caring for 2Pac because she felt a special connection with him because he has diabetes just like her.

You may have read in an earlier post that I recently went on another interstate visit and I took 2Pac to a nearby vet for boarding. He came back with UTI that then lead to behavioral problems, he is 18 years old after all! I was worried about leaving 2Pac again, so Loren graciously offered to look after him. He was very happy with this choice of weekend retreat. After he came home he was eating better and was in higher spirits generally.

Loren posted this on my Facebook page:

“Good evening good lookin’. Mum said that our little furry friend 2Pac was eating really well. Want to know the secret, do you think you are ready to handle the answer?? Well, here it comes … we didn’t wrap him in cotton wool!! He actually CHOSE to jump up and get comfy on the couch, run to the laundry door to try to beat me there so he could get into the rest of the house, and did lots of activity without little steps to climb or any human intervention. Its called exercise and it made him hungry!! Liesha, you are sssooo lucky to have a wonderfully healthy cat given his age and his diabetes. He has you WRRAAAPPPPPED around his little kitty claw. You react to his every wimper because you love him AND he looks helpless because he wants you to love him more every second he can be with you. I truly believe he ate a lot becuase he was more active. If I was you I would make him little kitty adventure play grounds in the lounge room, just with stuff around the house for him to walk through and explore. He may be slower, wobblier and a bit off balance sometimes, however he is still a curious little cat and I think he can do a lot more than he likes you to think. We miss you 2Pac – come again soon – u 2 Liesha give him a big kiss for us xxxx” (Loren, reproduced with permission)

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