The Endless Feline UTI Saga

Saturday 5 May, 2012

Well, 2Pac has been treated for a UTI since Easter Monday, 9 April. It’s now 5 May and his bloods are so high. I think the medication is the culprit. I rang my vet yesterday who doesn’t believe that the amount of oral antibiotics could affect his bloods this much. 2Pac is usually a very stable diabetic cat; however, since being on Clavulox for this extended period, he was dangerously high today. Up until tonight he’s been eating normally and all signs pointed to normal; however tonight he didn’t eat much, was unstable while walking, and has been drinking excessively. These are his readings for the past couple of days:

Friday 4 May 2012:

  • 10.05 am 0.6 mls Clavulox and 0.01 units Lantus insulin
  • 10.35 am blood glucose = HI (numbers were off the scale)
  • 1.45 pm blood glucose = mg/DL (31.0 mmol/L)
  • 1.50 pm 0.005 units Lantus insulin (additional half dose)
  • 6.05 pm blood glucose = mg/DL (17.9 mmol/L)
  • 10.00 pm 0.6 mls Clavulox
  • 10.10 pm blood glucose = mg/DL (20.5 mmol/L) and 0.01 units Lantus insulin

Saturday 5 May 2012:

  • 9.55 am 0.6 mls Clavulox and 0.01 units Lantus insulin
  • 8.45 pm blood glucose = mg/DL (32.9 mmol/L)
  • 8.45 pm 0.6 mls Clavulox and 0.02 units Lantus insulin (double dose)
  • 10.50 pm blood glucose = mg/DL (31.5 mmol/L)
  • 11.30 pm ketodiastix urine analysis = 10 with 0 ketones

Sunday 6 May 2012:

  • 12.05 am blood glucose = mg/DL (28.1 mmol/L)
  • 1.20 am blood glucose = mg/DL (24.1 mmol/L)
  • 1.50 am blood glucose = mg/DL (26.0 mmol/L)

I stayed up with him until I knew for sure that his BGs were going down.

If your diabetic cat is on oral medication for a UTI or any other infection or condition, be extra mindful of your baby’s blood glucose levels. Pay careful attention to their behavior in general, and monitor your little friend’s food and water intake. If you have any concerns, call your vet immediately.

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