Happy 19th Birthday 2Pac

Tuesday 5 February, 2013

2Pac as a baby

My little boy only a few months old

Today would have been my boy’s 19th birthday. I still have the little alter devoted to him set up in my home. On it I have photos of him, the cards people sent me after he crossed the rainbow bridge, his collars and his urn. There is other memorabilia there too.

Every year on my boy’s birthday I would buy him barbecue chicken, and every time he would purr his loudest purr, and I would feel his love and happiness. Tonight I bought a cooked chicken for dinner, my boy’s favorite meal, and I gave him some chicken and I lit candles for him.

The first night I brought him home with me he purred the same purr. To this day I’ve not heard a purr to equal his. On that first night I put down his first bowl of food in my home. He was ravenous and almost choked from purring so hard and eating so fast all at the same time. It was love and first bite 😀

We shared such a long life together and I am blessed that he was with me so long. I think he lived longer even than non-diabetic cats. I think love helps keep us alive. I wear his name around my neck everyday. He is close. I still feel him with me.

2Pac, you taught me so much about life and loving, and you will always be my little boy. I love you bunny.


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