The Endless Feline UTI Saga

5 May 2012

Well, 2Pac has been treated for a UTI since Easter Monday, 9 April. It’s now 5 May and his bloods are so high. I think the medication is the culprit. I rang my vet yesterday who doesn’t believe that the amount of oral antibiotics could affect his bloods this much. 2Pac is usually a very […]

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Another UTI

12 April 2012

On Easter Monday I noticed that 2Pac had blood in his urine again. He managed to get another urinary tract infection (UTI)! UTIs are rapidly becoming one of 2Pac’s main weak spots, the poor darling. I have been using the puppy training pads around his litter tray, which really helps with cleaning. 2Pac has been […]

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Visiting Emelie

8 April 2012

I went interstate a couple of weeks ago and 2Pac went to stay with some friends of mine, Tony, Loren, Emelie and Marty. Emelie is nine years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was only five. Emelie was really looking forward to caring for 2Pac because she felt a special connection […]

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Dealing with Cat UTIs and Post-traumatic-vet-visit Syndrome

1 March 2012

Well I’ve recently returned from a short holiday while 2Pac was staying in a cattery within a vet surgery. He was none too pleased with me, I can assure you of that! I felt so mean leaving him there, but it was only for three days, well, two and a half actually. He must have […]

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Site Rotation

16 February 2012

Hi everyone, well, today for the first time I tried rotating the site of 2Pac’s insulin injection. I injected him in the flanks as recommended by Dr Audrey Harvey in the Glossary. He was lying down on his side when I did it and he didn’t even flinch! I don’t think he felt a thing

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Happy 18th Birthday 2Pac

5 February 2012

My boy turned 18 today. He has been with me since he was three months old and now he’s 18! It’s been an amazing journey. He’s not been feeling very well lately.

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Diabetes in Cats Video

20 January 2012

I just found this wonderful video on Diabetes in Cats on Steve Dale’s Pet World. Steve is interviewing Dr Sandy Wright, an internal medicine specialist from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.  This is an especially great video for newbies who have just been diagnosed. Did you know that, if managed appropriately, an estimated 10-40% […]

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Meet 2Pac

6 January 2012

2Pac is my magnificent sugar baby. He was diagnosed with feline diabetes mellitus at the tender age of 13. He is now 17 years old and going strong. He is my baby love and my inspiration for creating this site. Without 2Pac, none of this would be possible. I hope that you benefit as much […]

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