My 2Pac

Happy 19th Birthday 2Pac

Tuesday 5 February, 2013

2Pac as a baby

My little boy only a few months old

Today would have been my boy’s 19th birthday. I still have the little alter devoted to him set up in my home. On it I have photos of him, the cards people sent me after he crossed the rainbow bridge, his collars and his urn. There is other memorabilia there too.

Every year on my boy’s birthday I would buy him barbecue chicken, and every time he would purr his loudest purr, and I would feel his love and happiness. Tonight I bought a cooked chicken for dinner, my boy’s favorite meal, and I gave him some chicken and I lit candles for him.

The first night I brought him home with me he purred the same purr. To this day I’ve not heard a purr to equal his. On that first night I put down his first bowl of food in my home. He was ravenous and almost choked from purring so hard and eating so fast all at the same time. It was love and first bite 😀

We shared such a long life together and I am blessed that he was with me so long. I think he lived longer even than non-diabetic cats. I think love helps keep us alive. I wear his name around my neck everyday. He is close. I still feel him with me.

2Pac, you taught me so much about life and loving, and you will always be my little boy. I love you bunny.


Missing 2Pac

Thursday 6 September, 2012

It’s been three months and one week since I last saw my boy. I haven’t been able to face writing about him until now. It’s been very strange not having him around. I often think I hear him or see him under my feet. He was always following me around the house, no matter where I went, there was my little shadow at my heels. When I was in the kitchen doing dishes, he sat at my feet the whole time waiting until I’d finish and sit him on my knee. I still sometimes check the ground to see if he’s there so I don’t step on him.

I miss him every day.

My Beloved Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

6 June 2012

I lost my beloved boy last Wednesday 30 May when he crossed over the rainbow bridge and out of my life. Where his suffering ended, mine began. I’m in so much pain and I miss him so much. He’s my baby, my little boy, and I feel so blessed to have shared the last 18 […]

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2Pac’s Blood Sugar Curve

29 May 2012

Given some of the extreme blood readings 2Pac has had over the past couple of weeks, the vet suspected the Somogyi Effect. So, we went to the vet again on Saturday and started a blood sugar curve that I completed throughout the evening at home.   You can see that the curve is gentle, so is […]

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Chronic Renal Failure

26 May 2012

Last week 2Pac had extensive blood work done. His urea is extremely high, as is his Creatinine and CK levels. He is also slightly anemic.

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The Endless Feline UTI Saga

5 May 2012

Well, 2Pac has been treated for a UTI since Easter Monday, 9 April. It’s now 5 May and his bloods are so high. I think the medication is the culprit. I rang my vet yesterday who doesn’t believe that the amount of oral antibiotics could affect his bloods this much. 2Pac is usually a very […]

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Another UTI

12 April 2012

On Easter Monday I noticed that 2Pac had blood in his urine again. He managed to get another urinary tract infection (UTI)! UTIs are rapidly becoming one of 2Pac’s main weak spots, the poor darling. I have been using the puppy training pads around his litter tray, which really helps with cleaning. 2Pac has been […]

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Visiting Emelie

8 April 2012

I went interstate a couple of weeks ago and 2Pac went to stay with some friends of mine, Tony, Loren, Emelie and Marty. Emelie is nine years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was only five. Emelie was really looking forward to caring for 2Pac because she felt a special connection […]

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Dealing with Cat UTIs and Post-traumatic-vet-visit Syndrome

1 March 2012

Well I’ve recently returned from a short holiday while 2Pac was staying in a cattery within a vet surgery. He was none too pleased with me, I can assure you of that! I felt so mean leaving him there, but it was only for three days, well, two and a half actually. He must have […]

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Site Rotation

16 February 2012

Hi everyone, well, today for the first time I tried rotating the site of 2Pac’s insulin injection. I injected him in the flanks as recommended by Dr Audrey Harvey in the Glossary. He was lying down on his side when I did it and he didn’t even flinch! I don’t think he felt a thing

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