Saturday 11 August, 2012

Revolutionary new product that makes collecting urine samples easy. The reliable way to collect urine samples from your cat.

So you need to collect a urine sample from your diabetic cat and images are running through your head of chasing him around with a sample bottle hoping to catch a sample the next time he needs to urinate. Never fear KatKor to the rescue! Katkor is a non-absorbing cat litter and it is as simple as replacing your usual kitty litter with katkor after cleaning and drying the tray, and then all you need to do is wait for your cat to use the litter tray. Then, simply remove the sample using the pipette and vial supplied and test immediately (if you are testing for glucose or ketones use keto-diastix), otherwise, take the sample to your veterinarian for testing as soon as possible.

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Price: $6.95

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